A brand refresh for an architectural icon

We were asked by Knight Frank to refresh the branding for the iconic 88 Wood Street. Signage throughout the building needed a consistent look and feel that brought cohesion to all brand touchpoints. Clarity and simplicity were key to aligning everything from tenant boards to loo signs. Updated branding for the signage was then extended to stationery, the website and uniforms.

“It is important that 88 Wood Street retains its established values but at the same time develops a new and modern identity with an adaptable style. The rebranding exercise ensures that we get the correct and consistent message out there. We are delighted with the outcome, which has been enthusiastically received by both our occupiers and on-site staff. The Graphicks team have been able to meet the precise demands of a rebrand for a building of significant architectural merit.”

Will Monk, Partner, Knight Frank