About Graphicks

We’re a full service creative agency specialising in property. Since 2013, we’ve been working with our clients to fill and sell their buildings, across all sectors – office,retail, residential development and distribution.

Have a look at our work examples, if we seem like the kind of team you’d like, get in touch. We think you’ll find the Graphicks team engaging, thought provoking, hardworking, and fun to work with.

What we do

  • Naming
  • Branding
  • Visual identity
  • Websites
  • Digital marketing
  • Film & photography

Property marketing is uniquely complex

Property marketing is difficult to get right because there are so many people in the sales chain – owners, investors, buyers, occupiers, and agents. Get it wrong at any stage and you slow down, or even stop the process.

That’s why effective, stand out property marketing is built on knowledge and insight. The knowledge comes from (really) listening to our clients, and boots on the ground research. The insight comes from years of creating successfull property campaigns all over the country.

Then the creative task is to turn this knowledge and insight into brands and campaign strategies and that fill buildings. The work must have the creative strength to cut through all the noise and be concise enough to be quickly understood and prompt action.

If you’d like to see how our creative and concise messages could help fill your buildings – get in touch here

Our approach.

How We Do It
In dynamic markets, we combine creativity with intelligence, cutting through the noise. We deliver work that connects with your audience and adds value to your business and your brand.

Our approach is curious, committed, collaborative and always creative. It starts with strategy. By listening carefully to understand your needs and ambitions, we’ll unearth valuable insights that will help us to build a bold brand with clear communication and memorable campaigns that resonate.

Working Closely Together
We pride ourselves on excellent project management. Our aim is to become an extension of your own teams, building a seamless relationship that means nothing gets in the way of the great ideas and great creative we can build together.

Who we are.

Will Hicks



With a Masters in Design, Will’s passion for the built environment drove him to set up Graphicks. His vision for the company – to become the marketing arm of every client – guides Graphicks to focus on full commitment and collaboration to every project.

Hugh Campbell



Hugh combines skills learned as an analyst with De Beers, with marketing and business realism acquired from setting up and running his own successful advertising agency.

Peter Roach

Chief Operating Officer


A strategic, creative and visionary marketer with an MBA, Peter was VP Marketing at Durex and has an extensive background in international consumer marketing within the healthcare and financial services sectors. He ‘joins the dots’ to develop clients’ current needs and identify new opportunities to innovate, excite and grow future projects.

Hannah Butler

Head of Finance


After a long career in international stockbroking, Hannah retrained in the management of company accounts. Being a fan of beautiful things working with Graphicks satisfies not only her love of numbers but of all things creative.

James Shepherd

Account Director


Anna Ellis

Senior Account Manager


Bindi Mistry

Senior Account Manager


With an extensive background in the hospitality industry, working on projects from start-ups to global corporations, Bindi is no stranger to calmly managing multiple projects while being adaptive to changing requirements. With a genuine understanding of client needs, she builds trusting relationships with clients to deliver to budgets and timelines. Bindi’s passion in art and design keeps her in tune with the latest trends in the creative industry.

Elinor Riley

Design Director


Elinor joined Graphicks after gaining a wealth of experience at design studios across London. She has worked with clients across a number of different sectors including real estate, hotels, large corporates, banking and the arts. As Design Director, she overlays projects with strategic thinking and a considered approach.

Jacob Law-Sales

Senior Designer


With a diverse design experience ranging from fashion brands to international hotels, Jacob has gained a wealth of knowledge and focused his craft on the property sector over the last five years delivering successful campaigns for clients like Berkeley Group and Telford Homes.

Jack Fish

Senior Designer


With experience working both in-house and agency side within the property sector, Jack’s approach is both creative and commercially relevant. Having worked with a wide range of clients – from start-ups, to international investment firms – his focus is ensuring projects explore new creative ideas and deliver results.

Trefor Coster

Head of Digital


Trefor started working in digital, predominantly in online display advertising. He worked on the management, production and deployment of campaign’s for multinational brands in consumer goods, automotive, finance & electronics. Over the years he has moved into the production of marketing websites, specialising in animated and rich user interfaces.

Katie McVeigh

Junior Designer


With a degree in Visual Communication, Katie has a multi-disciplined approach to design with a passion for both typography and illustration. Having started as a designer in the fintech world, she has made the jump to property marketing!

Work with us.

Starting a new project or want to collaborate with us? Get in touch on 020 3435 6952 or studio@graphicks.co.uk.


We are always on the look out for talented people to join our team. If you are interested in a role or internship please drop us a line at studio@graphicks.co.uk.